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Starter 18

SKU#: ST18
Our best-selling 18 fragrances. Kit contains: 2 bundles of each fragrance; corresponding labeled display jars; 18 jar display Rack; display materials, including baggie basket w/ pen and P.O.P. sign, 400 zip top 2" x 12" bags; merchandising information folder; 1 customer sample bundle of 100 incense sticks; and 1 dozen wooden incense ash catchers. (Rack: 24" wide x 12" deep x 24" tall, 40.5" tall with header card)

ST18 fragrances: Blend 22™, Cherry Vanilla, Champa Flower™, Dragon's Blood, Egyptian Cotton™, Fizzy Pop™, Fresh Rain, King Cake™, Ocean Wind, Opium(type), Patchouli, Peace of Mind™, Raspberry Rose, Sandalwood, Sweet Pea(type), Tranquility, Vanilla and Wizard™.
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