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Welcome to the Wild Berry Wholesale Website

Thank you for visiting Wild Berry Incense.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are under state-mandated stage 1 restrictions.  We will be working to queue your orders and offer assistance. Please be patient with us as our order processing and shipping time could be delayed.  We hope that you, your family and community stay safe and healthy.

Since 1971 our hand made Wild Berry Incense has been very popular, and over time we developed a very special way of making incense using more intense, higher quality fragrances. Customers from all over began calling to order our incense, as well as other retailers pleading with us to sell it to them. Responding to these demands in 1992 we developed a merchandising system for retailers, and began to sell our incense to them for their stores. Because our superior products bring daily sales, retailers love us. Wild Berry Incense can now be found in thousands of stores -- in all 50 states, and all over the world.

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